Call for Artists

Thank you for your interest in creating artwork for Tulsa Art Alley!

Please review the application details. The link to the application form is below:

Artist Application Form

The Tulsa Art Alley Call for Artists has closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an application! Artists selected for the next round will be notified by Sunday, March 10.

Click here to link to the Tulsa Art Alley application

Tulsa Art Alley invites artists to apply to create works of public art in Tulsa Art Alley, located between 5th and 6th Street and Boston Ave. and Main St. in downtown Tulsa by completing the form below. This request for artist qualifications is the first step of the process to select artists for the Tulsa Art Alley project.

Program Objectives

The Tulsa Art Alley Project will transform the alley in downtown Tulsa between 5th and 6th Street and Boston Avenue and Main Street. In cooperation with the City of Tulsa, local businesses, property owners and volunteers, we will clean up the alley, add artwork, clean up trash, consolidate dumpsters, and add amenities, such as lighting and plants.


Artists or artist teams residing in the United States are eligible to apply.

Request for Qualification (RFQ) Requirements

For the RFQ stage, please submit the information requested via the form below.

Artists or artist teams are asked to provide:

• Current artist resume/CV
• Brief artist bio(s) and headshot(s)
• Images of 3-5 recent projects, along with descriptions of each project, including size, location and project cost.
• A rough sketch of your concept for your proposed artwork for Tulsa Art Alley (optional)
• Names and contact info of two references

Artists who create art in Tulsa Art Alley will be paid a stipend. The amount of each stipend and the specific size and location in the alley of each artist’s work will be determined by Tulsa Art Alley and agreed to by the artists before art creation begins. Artists must also sign an agreement that gives Tulsa Art Alley the right to reproduce the artists’ work created in Tulsa Art Alley and to share the work on social and other media.

Key Dates

Monday, 1/28 – Tulsa Art Alley artist RFQ application form open for submissions
Sunday, 2/17@midnight – Deadline for artist RFQ submissions
Sunday, 3/10 – Notification of pre-qualified artists by Tulsa Art Alley of their selection to participate in the artist proposal round. At this stage, artists will be given details of their Tulsa Art Alley art location and proposed budget.
Sunday, 3/17 – Deadline for artists to provide design concept to Tulsa Art Alley for their assigned space
Sunday, 3/24 – Notification to artists of final acceptance to create art for Tulsa Art Alley
4/5 – 4/21 – Painting and art installation will take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 4/5 – 4/21.

All artwork must be completed and/or installed by Sunday, 4/21.

Friday, 4/26 – Tulsa Art Alley “Dinner in the Alley” sponsor event
Saturday, 4/27 – Tulsa Art Alley Public Opening – Street Cred

8 thoughts on “Call for Artists

  1. Hello I am interested in participating.


  2. Why no royalties for the print and reproduction of artist’s work? Too much hassle, or not enough profit? These artists are living and deserve compensation for the reproduction of their work as not only artists but as business professionals dedicating their lives to this career. Otherwise I think it’s a fine project and I hope many Tulsa and OK artists find a place here.


    1. Thanks for your question. Tulsa Art Alley will pay each artist who creates art in Tulsa Art Alley. We’ve been working since last year to raise money for this purpose. So far, we’ve raised more than $25,000 for the project. Amounts paid to each artist will be determined by the space in the alley they are assigned, and will be agreed upon before artwork is created. Hope this answers your question. Thanks again for your interest in our project.


  3. Are they going to let the artist know if they were not accepted as well as those that were?


    1. Melinda, yes, we will be in contact with all the artists who applied. We’re still working on the artist selection process; we’re likely going to have to extend our notifications to artists about whether or not they’ve been selected until next week. We’ll make that announcement on the site soon. Thanks for your question and for your patience!


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