Alley Resources

We’re researching alley activation projects all over the world in preparation for the Tulsa Art Alley project. The following links and videos offer inspiring examples of alleys brought to life through art and programming, as well as handbooks for successful alley activation projects.

Alley Network Project – Seattle

The Alley Network Project harnesses the energy and ideas of neighbors, businesses, colleagues, and community groups to transform Seattle’s Pioneer Square alleys into one of the city’s unrivaled assets. Alleys provide an opportunity for the historic district to boost healthy activity on its streets, feed its vibrant arts culture, draw people to local businesses, and even improve its basic infrastructure.

Inspiring Art Alley Articles

Alley Activation Examples & Guidelines

  • Birmingham
  • Chattanooga
    • Downtown Chattanooga had a party Wednesday night in four of its alleyways that have been transformed into works of “public architecture” by artists from as far away as Australia. More than 1,000 people registered for Party in the Passageways, an event with free food, beer and entertainment to kick off the Passageways program. It promotes the potential of downtown’s alleys by transforming four of them into works of art ranging from an installation of hanging bamboo poles to a high-tech simulation of Chattanooga’s stars at night. Times Free Press
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